...while extraordinary products and unique services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time...is people.
— Mark Salsbury

With over twenty years in the Quality Assurance / Testing space, we at Warde Associates Canada have extensive experience working with Fortune 500 organizations, government agencies, and mid-size corporations. We know what works and what must be avoided.  We know precisely what tools, and more importantly, which features consistently drive customer success.   We know that tools alone cannot make a customer successful, and with our expertise across a range of industries, including banking, brokerage, insurance, technology, education, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, and telecommunications,  we have a proven methodology for success. 

No two customer’s needs are the same.  From tool selection to priority in testing, customers implement a varied selection of services from our Customized Training.  Some may choose to work with our Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) team, who assist our customers' success by establishing a true maintainable methodology--unique to their specific environment that addresses criticality through a focused approach to testing. We are committed to making organizations thrive by incorporating the tools they already have while understanding that a one size fits all approach does not always work.

Warde Associates Canada has our testing facilities in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.  No matter what the testing need required, we provide offsite testing with resources that are fluent in English, proficient in writing/communication skills and no more than three (3) hours from the North American time zones.  We are experts in all the HP Functional and Performance Testing suite of products, plus have specialized training in SAP TAO.  If two or two hundred resources are needed for testing, reach out to contact us.



Knowing how to test an ERP system, how to test a process from end to end, conformance to governance and best practices, how to break scenarios in to logical reusable pieces, how to help bridge the technical explanation of testing to the business users out side of IT is how we help out customers navigate today's QA challenging landscape.

If a customer is switching from a Waterfall to Agile methodology, upgrading a PeopleSoft system or implementing SAP for the first time, we have the resources and processes to help.  Even if you have outsourced your QA responsibilities to an another company, we will provide you the guidance to help make sure the correct methodologies are being followed to ensure success.

Consulting on Demand

Workload often fluctuates.  No need to force the organization to keep a consultant on payroll just in case a situation arises that requires their expertise.  No need to worry about the consultant’s availability when needed the most.

Warde Associates enables organizations to have the benefits of both with Consulting on Demand.  As a prepaid service, customers purchase a custom consulting package in a duration of six, twelve or eighteen months to meet the flexibility of the project with a consultant available whenever needed.  

As an added benefit, customers also have the option of having the software provided as part of the offering if they truly want a turnkey solution for their QA needs.  This unique offering guarantees that a knowledgeable consultant will be available to support the customer in their QA process and HP tools for the duration of the contract.  Receive the expert knowledge from a consultant while still being able to balance the budget by using the consultant only when needed.


Receive training from QA experts that are experienced in using SAP TAO, Turnkey SAP Accelerator, Turnkey Oracle Accelerator, HP ALM, HP Load Runner, HP UFT, HP Performance Center, SAP TAO.  Our experts will combine the knowledge of how to use the products with QA industry best practices to ensure the tool being trained on is executed effectively. We offer on-site training at a customer's location and an online course as well.

At Warde Associates Canada, we feel that some of the public courses did not cover enough information and communicate it in a way to ensure customer success.  As a result we have developed our own courses:

  • Exploring BPT: 2 DAYS: Instructor Led (onsite or online)
  • SAP TAO: 4 DAYS: Instructor Led (onsite only): Includes BPT course

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