Accelerate your SAP TAO® development with ZĀTO


ZĀTO was developed by field engineers and consultants who have been helping clients build Testing Centers of Excellence with a combined experience of 25+ years.  Warde Associates has implemented SAP’s TAO® for dozens of clients maximizing our clients’ investment in SAP’s business process framework. What we’ve learned in working with SAP’s TAO is the ability to easily manage data across business process components is one of the greatest obstacles to successful automation.

Warde Associates was built with the intention of making a product that would make a significant impact for quality engineers. To that end we have developed a product that we know would have made countless SAP TAO projects easier and even more successful. Moving forward we firmly believe any company serious about automating test cases via SAP TAO will utilize the ZĀTO product.

What is ZĀTO?

ZĀTO is a standalone desktop application that integrates with HP’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) via the native HP ALM API. ZĀTO scans existing SAP TAO components and stores the parameter and data values within ALM. Moving forward users can utilize their TAO components while making data changes within ALM. By managing data within ALM ZĀTO removes the tedious task of managing thousands of Excel data files.

Key Benefits of ZĀTO

  • Reduce Scenario Creation Time by 29%
  • Make Existing SAP TAO Consolidated Components fully data independent
  • Reduce Cost of Automation Projects by 33%

A Product That Builds on What You’ve Developed

ZĀTO leverages an underutilized HP ALM construct that builds an association of the existing SAP TAO component with Warde Associates’ own proprietary code, which dynamically creates components and an associated new ALM Flow. This allows the data associated with the component to be moved up to the scenario level while preserving the original consolidated component. By utilizing the HP ALM construct, ZĀTO allows the end user to manages all data inside of ALM. This allows the native functionality of HP’s Business Process Testing (BPT) to manage your scenarios by linking outputs of one component to the input of the next component. Linking data between components is now an easy point and click activity within the HP Application Lifecycle Management application making your scripts truly data independent.

Eliminate Excel Files from TAO

ZĀTO eliminates the complex requirements for managing data which have historically been solved via complex coding requirements and expensive resources. ZĀTO eliminates the need for Excel data files with SAP TAO by storing data sets within Application Lifecycle Management and associating data at the scenario level. This novel approach to working with SAP TAO assets allows the end user to approach testing in an object-oriented way, the way HP BPT was designed to function! ZĀTO empowers your functional leads and business analysts to develop testing scenarios by working directly in HP ALM. 

Simplify TAO Scripting

Stop spending money on expensive consulting resources building complex scripts that stop working the minute the consultant leaves. Stop managing hundreds or even thousands of Excel files. Stop re-scripting every transaction code by making your SAP TAO scripts truly data independent. Start using the functional resources already on your team to build and run scenarios. Start getting the return on investment you deserve from your current TAO investment. Start using ZĀTO.

ZATO Analysis ZĀTO is currently only available for license in the US or Canada.